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The purpose of scheduling a tree inspection is to identify the general health and safety of all trees on your property so they can continue to thrive and enhance the beauty and value of your landscape.


Joe Green has worked as an independent I.S.A. certified arborist since 1995. He has no affiliation with any tree removal companies and has no financial gain in removing trees.  He will provide an unbiased inspection of all your trees, and recommend removal as a last resort for your safety.


A typical tree inspection involves a complete assessment of the canopy, the trunk, the leaves, the buds, the roots, the color, the bark, the soil, the drip line, the history, and the micro climate surrounding each tree. During the inspection the arborist will look for signs and symptoms as well as conduct a history study of the site to better determine why a tree may be in decline. Joe prefers to walk the property with the client during the site visit.


Any hazard trees will be identified for either removal, pruning, or modification in their care depending on the situation.


While on site, all trees will be fully inspected and a written report provided.  Cost of a site inspection depends on the lot size and travel time required for the arborist.  Most inspections can be completed in 60-90 minutes.  A price quote can typically be given over the phone before booking your appointment.

JAPANESE MAPLE SPECIALIST - Joe Green specializes in pruning and sculpting Japanese Maples.  You can view some of his work by visiting his Facebook page at



...bonus landscape consulting while on site


Homeowners often need suggestions or guidance with their home landscaping and gardening projects.  As a bonus, landscape consulting is routinely provided while on site during tree inspections.  


As a former horticulture teacher, landscaper, garden center manager, and County Extension Agent, Joe Green has vast experience in multiple facets of the green industry.  He will to listen to your needs and offer suggestions to improve your home gardening for a dynamic landscape.


Depending on the scope of the job, Joe can provide installation and maintenance of shrub and flower beds.  He can also provide a detailed landscape design if you prefer to do the work yourself. His specialty is the pruning and care for Japanese Maples.



"The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness."                                                            - John Muir




Speaking Engagements


Do you need a speaker at your next meeting of garden club, homeowner association or professional network? 


Joe Green has a long history of public speaking and providing dynamic presentations on a wide variety of gardening topics such as tree care, landscaping, and arborist services to name a few.  As a retired educator, his presentations are informative, entertaining, and motivational.  


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