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                  Why hire an arborist?


Hiring a certified arborist to inspect the trees on your property is a

proactive measure homeowners take for multiple reasons.


SAFETY is the most common reason a certified arborist is called.  A

qualified tree inspection will target hazardous trees that could cause

property damage if left unchecked.  Trunk decay and poor root

anchorage from drought or disease are the leading reasons trees

suddenly fall, even when the tree might appear healthy to the

untrained eye.


NEIGHBOR DISPUTES:  A certified arborist is often called in as a neutral

mediator to identify dead or high-risk trees that are a growing on a

neighboring property and posing a threat to your home or safety.




Many counties and municipalities now require a tree inspection from a

certified arborist before citing the neighbor to remove a hazard tree. 

It’s a good idea to keep the arborist’s report on file for insurance liability

purposes whenever neighbor disputes are involved, and to show your due

diligence to do the right thing.


EDUCATION: Many homeowners just enjoy meeting with an arborist

because it provides them a personal guide to identify all their trees and

learn how to care for them.  Often clients have a greater appreciation for

their trees after a walking tree chat on their property with a 

knowledgeable arborist.


What can I expect from a tree inspection?


A typical tree inspection involves a complete assessment of the canopy, 

the trunk, the leaves, the buds, the roots, the color, the bark, the soil, 

the drip line, the history, and the micro climate surrounding each tree. 

An arborist's job is like that of a detective, always probing, observing,

and looking for problematic signs and symptoms. An arborist will also

conduct a history study of the site to better determine why a tree

may be in decline.





What if a tree service advised removing my trees?


It is a prudent move to consult with an independent I.S.A. certified 

arborist before cutting trees based on the recomendations of a tree 

removal service. Tree removal services make money by cutting trees

and have a financial gain in advising tree removal. A certified arborist

provides an unbiased opinion on the health and safety of your trees. 


Joe Green is a certified independant arborist with no affiliation with

any tree removal company.  Because he has no financial gain

in removing trees, Joe will only recommend removal as a last resort

for your safety.


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